Typically, vendors are paid one business day after the transaction is completed.

QuickFi premium clients pay the lowest available fixed rate of interest. 

None!  If payments are paid timely, there are no fees or additional costs whatsoever.  No other source of financing is more transparent.

 All types of capital equipment, including software and up to 25% services are eligible. Fixtures and real estate are not eligible.

Transactions between $5,000.00 and $1,000,000.00 are eligible.

Before founding Innovation Finance and developing the QuickFi application, the QuickFi management team founded and led one of the most successful US equipment finance businesses in America during the past decade. For nearly two decades, our team received countless awards for professionalism, ethics, client and employee loyalty and company culture. 

The QuickFi application is the safest and most secure way to consummate financing. The authentication and verification process is dramatically better than both web-based and paper-based alternatives.

There are no fees for using the QuickFi app, nor are there any other fees or “hidden charges” of any kind. If payments are paid as agreed, you will never pay a fee. 

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