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Innovation Finance is a commercial equipment financing (commercial leasing and lending) firm employing new technology and a new distribution model to better serve Chief Financial Officers and Treasurers of large corporations and non-profit businesses located throughout the U.S.

QuickFi is the industry’s first 100% mobile financing tool designed for business decision makers, enabling them to initiate and complete financing in minutes.

  • Security and your privacy are our greatest concern. QuickFi was developed to provide the highest level of security and personal privacy for its users.
  •  The authentication and verification process is dramatically better than both web-based and paper-based alternatives.
  • Signed contracts are placed on a private blockchain secured by a public hash, to ensure they are immutable and auditable.

Most types of personal property used in business (including most types of business equipment) is eligible for financing through the QuickFi application, including up to 25% software, services and other soft costs. Real-estate and permanent fixtures to real-estate are not personal property and are therefore not eligible for financing through QuickFi.

QuickFi clients pay a low fixed rate of interest for 100% financing of new business equipment including up to 25% software and soft-costs. The exact annual percentage rate (APR) is stated in the mobile application, for each available financing option, before it is selected. The APR is based on the creditworthiness of each individual applicant.  Existing customers with a timely repayment history may see increased credit limits and reduced interest rates based on our long-term relationship with you and your company.  After a loan is consummated, if market interest rates change during the loan term, the payment amount remains fixed. 

  • Initial credit limits are based on your company’s credit profile, and may be increased over time based on timely repayment of prior loans and leases.
  • Transaction sizes processed through the QuickFi application range from U.S. $5,000.00 to $5MM.
  • None. There are no loan fees. There are no charges relating to documentation, loan initiation, lien perfection, UCCs, etc.
  • If repayment is timely, the borrower will pay no additional fees. 
  • The QuickFi app is free to download and use.

Vendors are typically paid one business day after the transaction is completed by the customer in the QuickFi mobile application.

No – QuickFi is a mobile application. However, after completing a transaction in the QuickFi mobile application, you can view your transaction history and details on a desktop computer by exporting the data from the QuickFi mobile application into a spreadsheet and then emailing it to yourself or others. Access this feature via the “Reporting” section of the QuickFi application.

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  • Call: 585-207-0230
  • Or talk to us through Live Chat via the QuickFi app.

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